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Unit1 Women of achievement-reading教案

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(A PROTECTOR OF AFRICAN WILDLIFE)AimsTo develop reading ability To learn some useful expressions in the text To learn about women of achievement ProceduresI. Warming up Warming up by describingGood morning, class. Today we are going to read about A PROTECTOR OF AFRICAN WILDLIFE. But first, I’d like to know if you have ever heard of women like Elizabeth Fry, Soong Chingling, Jane Goodall, Jody Williams, Joan of Arc and Lin Qiaozhi. Now turn to page 1, look at the photos, read the captions and describe to your neighbor the women in focus. Who is she? What is she? What did she do to benefit the world?Warming up by discussingHi, every one. How did you spend your winter vacation? Did you read any books? Did you read any women of achievement? What makes a woman of achievement? Now in pairs discuss the women on page one. Which of these women do you think is a great woman? And may I have your reasons for your choice?Warming up by reading aloud and translatingNice to see you back at school, boys and girls. As you have all prepared lessons before class I shall ask six of you at random to read aloud and translate the captions under the photos on page one to see how you’ve understand these women. Zhao Yanfei, would you try reading aloud and translating the first caption?Key for reference: 伊丽莎白·弗赖伊是一位教友派信徒。她帮助改善了监禁条件,向囚犯提供工作和教育机会。 她的工作帮助教友派赢得了1947年度的诺贝尔和平奖。Well done! Next let’s have Ju Xiaohong do the second one. II. Pre-reading1. Looking and sayingWork in pairs. Look at the photos and the title A PROTECTOR OF AFRICAN WILDLIFE and predict the contents of the text. When you are ready, join another pair and compare your predictions and the clues that helped you to make the predictions. Key for reference: From the photos and title I guess that the text tells about a woman scientist who is working in Africa to protect the wildlife there. She studies a family of chimps, delivers a speech on their behavior, arguing for them to be left in the wild and protected. 2. Talking and sharingWork in groups of four. Tell your group mates what you know about wildlife protection. Then the group leader is to stand up and share your group idea with the class. Key for reference: I am from Group 3. We think that Jane is a woman of achievement. For she has helped people understand how much chimps behave like humans. Because of her we know that it is better for the animals to be left in the wild or in the special places set up for them. III. Reading1. Listening and reading aloudNow please listen and then read the text aloud. Pay attention to the pronunciation of each word and the pauses within each sentence. I will play the tape twice and you shall read aloud twice, too. 樊锦诗:敦煌女儿 守望敦煌2. Reading and underliningNext you are to read and underline all the useful expressions or collocations in the passage. Copy them into your notebook after class as homework.Collocations from A PROTECTOR OF AFRICAN WILDLIFEmake a great person 造就一个伟人, give reasons for… 给出理由, improve prison conditions 改善监狱的条件, give sb. work and education 为某人提供工作和受教育的机会, get the Nobel Peace Prize 获得诺贝尔和平奖, in modern Chinese history 在中国现代史上, concern oneself with…从事;忙于;关心, show the connection between… and…表明……与……之间的联系, found an international campaign发起一项国际运动, stop the use of landmines 停止使用地雷, give sb. the Nobel Peace Prize 授予……诺贝尔和平奖, fight for…为……而战, drive…out of…把……赶出去, put sb. to death 杀死或处死某人, become a specialist in women’s illnesses 成为妇科疾病的专家, devote all one’s life to…一生致力于……, encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励……做……, behave like humans 像人类一样活动, leave sb. sleeping让……睡着, wander off into the forest 晃晃悠悠地走进森林, make …all worthwhile使得……都非常值得, spend years observing and recording their daily activities 用多年时间观察和记录它们的日常活动, be determined to do sth.下定决心做某事, in one’s own environment 在……自己的生存环境中, begin one’s project 开始……的计划, communicate with each other 互相交流, work out…解决;算出, respect the life of…尊重……的生活, leave…in the wild 让……生活在野生世界, use… for entertainment or advertisements 用于娱乐和拍广告, set up special places 设立专门地区, crowd in 涌入, say…to myself 对自己说……, do nothing wrong 没做错什么, achieve everything 得到一切, gain a doctor’s degree 获得博士学位, cheer the achievements of women 为妇女成功而喝彩3. Reading to identify the topic sentence of each paragraphSkim the text and identify the topic sentence of each paragraph. You may find it either at the beginning, the middle or the end of the paragraph. Key for reference: 1st paragraph: Our group are all going to visit the chimps in the forest. 2nd paragraph: Nobody before has fully understood chimp behavior. 3rd paragraph: For forty years Jane Goodall has been helping the rest of the world understand and respect the life of these animals.4. Reading and transferring informationRead the text again to complete the table, which list what Jane does to protect African wildlife.What does Jane do?studied these animals for many yearsspent many years observing and recording their daily activitiesdiscovered that chimps hunt and eat meatdiscovered how chimps communicate with each otherargued for chimps to be left in the wildset up special places for chimps to live safelyworking with animals in their own environment5. Reading and understanding difficult sentencesAs you have read the text times, you can surely tell which sentences are difficult to understand. Now put your questions concerning the difficult points to me. IV. Closing down Closing down by doing exercises To end the lesson you are to do the comprehending exercises 1 and 2. Closing down by having a discussionDo you agree with Jane’s ideas? Why or why not? Key for reference: I agree with Jane’s idea, because leaving the animals in the wild is the only good way to protect them. The animals belong to the forest, just as we belong to the civilized world. What do you think is the best way to protect wildlife?Key for reference: I think the best way is to understand and respect the life of animals. Setting up special places where they can live safely is important and effective.Closing down by retelling the story of Jane GoodallI shall write some key words and expressions on the blackboard. You are to retell the story of Jane Goodall according to these words. Key for reference: visit the chimps, watch the chimps, understand chimp behavior, argue for…, set up special places

Additional MaterialsComplete the summary of the story with one word in each blank. A PROTECTOR OF AFRICAN WILDLIFEWe set out at 5:45 am to __1__ the chimps in Gombe National Park. We watched a __2__of chimps wake up in the morning and followed them __3__ into the forest. Jane had been there __4__ and recording chimps’ daily __5__. __6__ 40 years, she had been helping the world to understand and __7__respect the life of these animals. Jane is __8__ a woman of __9__ and a good example for us __10__. (Key: 1. visit 2. family 3. wandering 4. observing 5. activities 6. For 7. respect 8. indeed 9. achievement 10. all)Comprehension questions1. Most of the time, chimps show love in their family in the following ways EXCEPT _______. A. feeding each other B. cleaning each other C. playing together D. fighting with each other2. She has achieved everything she wanted to do. Which of the following statements is not what she wants to do? A. To show that women can live in the forest as men can.B. To set up special places where they can live safely. C. To use chimps for entertainment and advertisements.D. To gain a doctor’s degree for her studies.3. The best way to protect wildlife is to ______. A. keep them in cages B. use them for entertainment C. leave them in the wild D. watch them (Key: 1. D 2. C 3. C)Notes to some difficult sentences:1. She worked hard to make as many countries as possible agree not to use them. (Warming up) 句中as many countries as possible是“尽可能多的国家”的意思;注意句中make sb. do sth. 在被动语态中是 be made to do sth.2. Watching a family of chimps wake up is our first activity of the day. (Reading)句中Watching a family of chimps wake up 做主语,谓语动词用单数。注意感官动词watch, see, look at, notice, observe, hear, listen to, feel +宾语+do/doing/done, 在被动句中为to do 例如:I saw her cross the road. (from one side to the other)I saw her crossing the road. (in the middle of the road, on her way across)He was never heard to say “Thank you” in his life. I heard the word “suffer” repeated several times in a strange voice. 3.For example, one thing she discovered was that chimps hunt and eat meat. (Reading)句中she discovered是定语从句,修饰前面的one thing;而that chimps hunt and eat meat是表语从句,that不能省略。4.She also discovered how chimps communicate with each other and her study of their body language helped her work out their social system. 她还发现黑猩猩之间是如何相互交流的,她对它们的身体语言的研究也帮助她解开黑猩猩的社会体系之谜。5. She has argued for them to be left in the wild and not used for entertainment or advertisements. 1) argue (for / against ) 坚持;提出理由(以支持或反对……);争辩 如:He argued soundly. 他争辩得很有道理。You can argue either way, for or against. 你可以在正反两面择一辩论。2) argue with sb. about / over sth. 与某人争论某事 如:Don’t argue with me about it, my decision is final. 不要与我争论,我的决定是最后的了。3) argue sb. into / out of doing sth. (提出理由以)说服某人做/不做某事They tried to argue him into joining them. 他们试图说服他加入他们。【高考链接】1. School children must be taught how to deal with dangerous ____. (2020辽宁)A. states B. conditions C. situations D. positions2._____ by keeping down costs will PowerData hold its advantage over other companies. (2020浙江)A. Only B. Just C. Still D. Yet3. Although medical science ____ control over several dangerous diseases, what worries us is that some of them are returning. (2020江苏)A. achieved B. has achieved C. will achieve D. had achieved4. The building around the corner caught fire last night. The police are now ____ the matter. (2020湖北)A. seeing through B. working out C. looking into D. watching over5.—When do we need to pay the balance?—____ September 30. (2020北京)A. In B. By C. During D. Within【巩固练习】1.—Have you read this book? —Yes. But that one is ____ worth reading. I suggest you read it if you have time. A. best B. well C. better D. more2. We hoped to be able to move into our new house at the end of the month, but things didn’t ___ as we expected. A. work out B. move out C. carry out D. get out3.—Did you say something rude to him because of his wrongs?
—Yes, but I _______ so. A. would rather not do B. shouldn’t do C. had better not do D. shouldn’t have done4. He was made ____. A. go B. gone C. going D. to go5. Only in this way ____ to improve the situation there.
A. can you hope  B. you can hope  C. hope can  D. you hope 【汉译英】1. 她一生从事癌症治疗方面的研究而且成为这方面的专家。2. 他用了大量的时间来说明这个计划。3. 如果你不尊重自己,怎能期盼别人来尊重你?4. 什么鼓励了他因而做出如此精彩的表演?5. 有人看到他进了银行。【答案及解析】【高考链接】1. C 句意:小学生必须接受应付危险情况的教育。A. state状态,状况 B. conditions 环境,条件 C. situations 情况;形势 D. positions 位置,方位。 根据各项词的不同应用,结合整个句子,应选C2. A句意:只有通过降低消耗,才能使PowerData优于其他公司。选项中只有“only+状语”放在句首,主句倒装。3. B 句意:尽管医学已成功地控制了几种危险的疾病,但令我们担心的是有些疾病还会反复。根据句意可知说话者在谈论现在的情况,故为现在时,所以选B。4. C句意:昨晚附近的那座建筑着火了,警察现在正调查此案。look into意思是“调查”。see through 看透,识破;work out 计算,处理,解决;watch over照管,监督;其中B项有干扰,但只要弄清look into与work out (处理,解决)在时间上的先后顺序,问题就迎刃而解了。5. B句意:我们需要何时付余款?到9月30号之前。September 30为点时间,介词in, during 和within后应接段时间,故排除。而介词by意为“不迟于,在……之前”后接点时间,故选B。【巩固练习】1. C 题中表示this book 与 that one二者比较,所以选择比较级。又因worth 用 well 修饰,well 的比较级为better,故选C。2. A work out在本句中意思为“成功地发展”;move out搬/移出;carry out执行;get out取出;下车。根据句意“……,但事情并不象我们希望的那样发展。”选A。3. D shouldn’t have done “本不该这样做”。4. D make sb. do sth. 如果是被动形式,不定式do前的to不能省略。5. A only和它所修饰的状语一起置于句首时,须用倒装。 【汉译英】1.She became a specialist in cancer and devoted all her life to the cure of cancer. 2.He spent a lot of time (in) explaining the plan. 3.If you don’t respect yourself, how can you expect others to respect you?4.What inspired him to give such an excellent performance?5.He was observed to enter the bank.



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